Performant Web Scraping API

ScrapingBytes enables you to scrape the content you need. All through our headless browsers, proxies and anti-detection technology.

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How It Works

Web scraping has never been easier with ScrapingBytes.
We show step-by-step how our service works!

Step One

Find Your Target Website

Find the website you're wanting to scrape. There isn't any restrictions! As long as the website is publicly accessible. Just grab the URL and go!

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Step Two

Send The Request

Send a request to our servers with the options you need and the data we require. Options include proxies, headless browsers, HTTP requests, geolocation and more!

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Step Three

We Process It

We process your request with the options provided. Using ScrapingBytes technology to avoid being blocked with a massive pool of proxies, configured headless browsers, and infrastructure to return the response quickly.

target website selection
<article class="product_pod">
<div class="image_container"><a href="catalogue/set-me-free_988/index.html"><img alt="Set Me Free" class="thumbnail" src="media/cache/5b/88/5b88c52633f53cacf162c15f4f823153.jpg"></a></div>
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<h3><a href="catalogue/set-me-free_988/index.html" title="Set Me Free">Set Me Free</a></h3>
<div class="product_price">
<p class="price_color">£17.46</p>
<p class="instock availability"><i class="icon-ok"></i> In stock</p>
<form><button class="btn btn-primary btn-block" data-loading-text="Adding..." type="submit">Add to basket</button></form>

    "books": [
            "id": 1,
            "name": "Tipping the Velvet",
            "price": "£53.74",
            "stock": 20,
            "reviews": 0,
            "upc": "90fa61229261140a"
Step Four

Parse The Data

We return the rendered content back to you [html, css, etc] - this includes content rendered via Javascript. You can parse the data any way or into any structure - use the tools and technology you want!

Service Features

ScrapingBytes is an API that helps you scrape webpages without getting blocked.

7+ Million IPs

ScrapingBytes has millions of proxies worldwide to help reliability and avoid IP blocks on all websites.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We provide unlimited bandwidth to all of our customers. Keep the cost of large scale web scraping down!

15+ Locations

We offer multiple locations to choose from when using our premium proxies! Use locations to get localized information.

Multiple Options

We give you the power to choose how to perform your requests! Headless browser? HTTP request? Render Images? Render fonts? We have it all.

Use Cases

There are many possibilities for a web scraping API. Listed below are some of the most common. Let us know if you are unsure whether ScrapingBytes is the right fit for you!

General Web Scraping

Our scraper API is the perfect tool to crawl any website. This includes websites that impose CAPTCHAs, IP Blacklisting and all other Anti-Bot measures. Stop spending your time for server setup and maintenance tasks. Use ScrapingBytes!

Real Estate Data

Scrape real estate data from real estate platforms to understand the current market situation and development, or build a watch alert for properties that match your specific criteria. These information are indespensible when making smart purchasing decisions.

Ecommerce: Price & Product Information

Monitor prices and product information, such as availability and reviews, etc. Our web scraping API enables you to build a fully automated pricing and investment strategy, by monitoring prices and product trends.

Sales Leads

Getting contact data is not difficult - getting highly targeted leads is! Use our scraper API to automatically scrape contact information from websites that fit your target group and let your sales team spend their time on the right leads.

Job & Hiring Data

Scrape vacancies from job boards and career pages to analyze the hiring strategy of other companies. Our web scraping API enables you to find out their number of vacancies, hiring focus, and other valuable pieces of information.

Customer Reviews

Scrape review platforms and them in a normalized and structured format. Our scraper API enables you to gather messy review data that are spread all over the internet, in one place and turn them into meaningful customer insights.